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Yarraman P-9 S.S Uniform Shop is located at the school

17 John Street, Yarraman Q 4614

The uniform of Yarraman P-9 State School is an issue of respect and safety.

The P&C fully endorse the green and gold school uniform. Other colours are not acceptable.

The following are uniform regulations for our school.

Appropriate uniform

Students not wearing the appropriate uniform will be required to either:

  • change into a uniform provided by the school office (for the day)
  • have the correct uniform brought to the school for them to change into.

Continual refusal to follow the school uniform policy will result in an interview with parents/carers to discuss the situation.

Uniform description

  • Yarraman State School bottle green and gold polo shirt (please advise the Uniform Zone if your child is in primary or junior secondary as there are uniform polo shirts specific to our primary and secondary students).
  • Yarraman State School bottle green shorts.
  • Black shoes with impervious uppers. lack shoes with impervious uppers. 
  • Yarraman State School bottle green and gold tracksuit zippered jacket. 
  • Yarraman State School bottle green sweat shirt.
  • Yarraman State School bottle green and gold tracksuit.
  • Yarraman State School wide brimmed bottle green and gold trim hat (‘No hat, no play').
  • white socks (male and female are to wear these).

Acceptable jewellery

The only jewellery a student is allowed to wear is a:

  • watch
  • earrings – small and plain (sleepers or studs).

What is not permitted

  • Inappropriate wording/pictures on any clothing (applies to free dress days and sports days).
  • Any commercial logos.
  • Thongs, scuffs or ugg boots.
  • Beanies.
  • Any jewellery that dangles or protrudes, necklaces and bracelets.
  • Skivvies under school shirts, flannelette shirts and jackets, and denim shorts.
  • Flesh tunnels.
  • Caps and visors.
  • Make-up and nail polish are not permitted.
  • Any piercing that protrudes from the body, for example, lip rings, eye brows are not permitted. Ear stretchers and ear ring extensions are not permitted.

Recommended number of uniforms

The school recommends that students have a minimum of two (2) shirts and (two) 2 shorts to allow for washing throughout the week.

Appropriate footwear

All students from Prep to Year 9 are to wear shoes with substantial uppers at all times (i.e. closed-in shoes).

According to Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines students must wear correct footwear at all times.

Thongs and masseur sandals are not suitable footwear.

Shoes must be worn to and from the pool and during all practical activities.

If students arrive at school without acceptable footwear, the parent/caregivers will be called and asked to drop in appropriate footwear to the school. 

Last reviewed 19 February 2020
Last updated 19 February 2020