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Class times

Bell times

​Bell times ​Activity
​Form class ​8.40am-8.45am
​Period 1 ​8.45am-9.55am
​Period 2A ​9.55am-10.30am
​First break ​10.30am-11.20am
​Period 2B ​11.20am-11.55am
​Period 3 ​11.55am-1.05pm
​Second break ​1.05pm-1.35pm
​Period 4 ​1.35pm-2.45pm

Student assembly

Primary assembly, Tuesday mornings 8:40am
Secondary assembly, Monday mornings 8:40am
Full School assembly Week 5, May 16, 1:45pm
Full School assembly Week 10, June 20, 1:45pm

Office hours

7.30am–4.00pm Monday–Friday.

School attendance policy

Every Day Counts
  1. Students are to attend school on every official school day gazetted by the Department of Education, unless you are ill, or special family circumstances prevent you from attending.
  2. On each occasion that you are absent, a note of explanation must be given to your form teacher, the day you return to school. This is very important, because the rolls are used to determine whether you are eligible to attend important school functions and also for those receiving Youth Allowance, they are used to determine whether benefits continue.
  3. If you are late for school or have to leave early, you must report to the office with a note from your caregivers advising the reason.
  4. Your school day commences at 8.40am and finishes at 2.45pm with two breaks throughout the day.
  5. You must be in attendance up to, and including, the last day of school of each semester. For semester 1, this is the same date for all year levels. The finishing dates for semester 2 are set each year by the Queensland Studies Authority and you must be in attendance up to and including these dates to receive your report card.